Friday, 31 October 2014

#makemeadesigner Art Competition with Direct Blinds

I was recently contacted about a fantastic competition Direct Blinds are currently running to find a new up-and-coming designer. The prize is amazing because you can win the chance to design your own product range with the brand - how cool is that! I think this would be a particularly brilliant opportunity for students/peeps who have just graduated. The brief is very open, you can create any type of artwork you'd like (although remember, it has to work on blinds!). I came up with a theme based around 'Winter Birds' and decided to make one of my images into a repeating pattern. I'd love to know what you think! I was thinking they could work well in a kitchen or conservatory (or orangery as my mum would say). 

There are a couple of ways to enter; you can check out the Direct Blinds competition page here, or you can enter via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #makemeadesigner - remember to tweet to @DirectBlinds! 

I know quite a few of my followers are arty/creative types so please do let me know if you decide to enter. 

C xxx

* I was invited to take part in this competition and received a box of art goodies to help me create my entry! 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mid-Century Portrait of In The Frow

Continuing on from my last post, I thought I'd keep with the mid-century theme and decided to create a portrait of In The Frow's Victoria. I've kept the colour palette very minimal as I think that works well with this sort of style and provides a good challenge. I'd love to know if you like this type of style too? 

I don't have any Halloween illustrations planned for this year as I've just let myself get behind but I'm trying to think up some cool Christmas designs. Let me know if you have any ideas!

C xxx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Glug Brum Open Call

These are my entries for the Glug Brum open call poster competition! You can read all about it here if you'd like to enter, but the themes for the competition centre around 'creativity' and 'play'. You can choose between a few colour schemes for each illustration you want to create, which ended up being a fun challenge. I tried to capture a sense of fun using very simple, graphic imagery with a mid-century flavour. I wanted my posters to look like old vintage posters that have been around forever - hopefully I managed to achieve that! 

C xxx

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Hogwarts Express

My dad's been a bit poorly recently, so whilst he was in hospital, I decided to make him this poster to cheer him up a bit! The Hogwarts Express ended up being one of our favourite rides whilst we were in Florida, so I thought it would make a great memento of our awesome holiday too. I just wanted to make something very simple and graphic with vintage-y colours. I looked at a lot of old travel posters to get a feel for the type of text they contained, I actually stole the line at the bottom so it's super accurate aha. 

I hope you're all having a good week. Have you got any fun plans for Halloween? I'm sure we're going to see MANY Elsa's running around this year.

C xxx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


So, I've mentioned that I'm quite the fan of the show Vikings (and in particular Lagertha who is just amazing!) so it was only natural that I'd eventually make an illustration based on her. I decided I'd give the illustration a storybook feel that focuses on her personal journey and fight for independence. I'm pretty pleased with how this piece turned out - I hope you like it too! If you've got any suggestions for new illustrations you'd like to see, please just drop me a comment below. 

C xxx

Monday, 20 October 2014

YouTube Header for Sarah Smiles

Last week I worked on a little illustration project for Sarah Smiles. I can't take all of the credit for this Youtube header because Sarah very kindly provided me with the feather graphics! The reason for this was that Sarah wanted her YT banner to match up with the graphics she already has on her blog, she just wanted her YT header to be a little unique too. I created the little portrait and put everything together, and this is the end result! It took us a few attempts to get everything just right as YT can be a bit of a pain at times. If you'd like to check out Sarah's channel, you can do so here

C xxx

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Palm Ghosts for Amelia's Magazine

This is another little illustration I produced to accompany an article for Amelia's Magazine. I was really pleased that Amelia asked me to contribute again so I hope I did the piece justice! The article is an interview with Palm Ghosts/Joseph Lekkas and I based my illustration on the song 'Canaries in the Mine'. If you want to read the interview, you can do so here

I think my creation is pretty straightforward given the name of the song aha! I do have some happier illustration planned though, never fear. 

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my previous few posts. These last few weeks have been really quite stressful and they do cheer me up a bit! 

C xxx