Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tommy Hilfiger S/S15

This was another collection that I really adored. I think this dress is so wearable and would probably be good for autumn/winter too paired with some thick tights. Look at those star boots! 

C xxx


  1. This collection was awesome! imagine actually being there and watching the show!wow!
    This illustration really sums it up ><

  2. Aww I want her socks SO bad! Sorry I haven't been around your blog much hun but I've been completely out of the blog world for the past two weeks! xxx <3

  3. I have a pair of awesome star, knee-length trainers haha! Have you ever seen them? ;) I love her little frock! :D

    Tara x

    1. Oh my gosh! Aha, they sound awesome! xxx


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